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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 15,000 dryer fires occur each year. On a average these fires cause up to 10 deaths and over 300 injuries. The property damage cost over 60 million. Most of the uccur from build up in the exhaust duct or filter. When lint blocks the flow of air, the heat begins to build up excessively and can cause a fire in some dryers. With the same method used on your air ducts, our professionals brush and vacuum your dryer vent clean and lint free!
 Not only does cleaning your dryer vent keep you safe it also lowers your energy bill. A cleaned dryer line allows your dryer to dry clothes faster. Since your clothes dry faster it will also reduce wear and tear on your dryer. Over heating on your dryer can cause your heating element to burn out, which can become costly repair or lead to the purchase of a new dryer.


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